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January 9, 2019

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I’ve been photographing people for 9 years now and feel pretty settled in my ways. I’m no longer anxious before sessions or nervous before weddings. I’m comfortable.

But comfortable doesn’t necessarily create the most provoking art.

Lately I’ve been craving that feeling of intimidation when you try something unfamiliar; craving anything new and different. So for 2019, I promised myself I’d step out of my comfort zone. For me, that means not always relying on well-timed sunsets or naturally beautiful outdoor locations. Instead, I want to experiment with new types of light and moods other than the predictable “sweet and flirty”.

My first session of the year hit all of these points. I photographed Brianne and Steve years ago for their first maternity session, and many times since then. Their first maternity session was in an open field in bright morning light, so Bri was just as excited as I was to shake things up this time around. I brought my off-camera lighting, we rearranged their furniture to fit the scene, Bri wore blue velvet, and we convinced Steve to participate with a glass of whiskey.

It felt like creating an old film and it was just the kind of different I’ve been craving. This session energized me and I’m so thankful that Bri gave me the space to get creative and go in a completely unfamiliar direction. Here are some of my favorites:

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