For the first year, I shot in JPEG, delivered the images on a CD, and didn't send a single contract. Needless to say I've learned many lessons the hard way in the 11 years since then. The purpose of this space is to share those lessons with you so that you can learn them the easier way!

This space is for the hobbyist photographer wanting to take their work to the next level; the creative independent business owner feeling a little stuck; the wedding pro in search of their ideal client.

i photographed my first wedding in 2012.


An open-ended session where we cover just about any topic you'd like and brainstorm ways to take your art or your business (or both) to the next stage. I’ll send you a questionnaire prior to meeting to understand your goals and pain points. Then we’ll meet in person or via video to talk it all through. Possible topics include shooting in manual; understanding light; photographing people/weddings; editing; starting your creative business; crafting your brand voice; marketing yourself; workflow; etc.

mentor Q&A

for photographers + creatives

An hour-long session to set up your Honeybook workspace and familiarize you with its features. (Read more about why I partner with Honeybook as an educator!)

workflow session

for new honeybook users

The mentor Q&A with the addition of a shoot! We’ll meet for our Q&A and then go shoot together (I’ll coordinate the location, model, etc.) This is best for the photographer either just starting out and learning their camera, or looking to develop their posing, use of light, etc.

mentor shoot

for photographers

The mentor Q&A and shoot followed by a collaborative editing session.

mentor experience

This is a four part 1:1 series for creatives on building a value-forward brand; a collaborative effort at understanding what it is you really want to say with your work, figuring out how to get that message to the people who will pay you to hear it, and using your brand to forward your values.

coaching course: it's personal

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mentor sessions begin at $300

mentor sessions begin at $300; inquire below

for photographers + creatives

for photographers

inquire below 

Allexa C.

"Hiring Hailey for mentorships stands out as one of the best things I’ve done for my business. During our first session together she was an incredible sounding board in discussing how to find my brand voice, and how to use it to find my ideal clients. Without that guidance, I never would have had the courage to be boldly Me in a socio-politcal climate that can carry a lot of tension. Because of that, I find myself again and again booking my ideal clients, many of whom compliment my authenticity on social media and note it as a big reason for their initial draw to dig deeper into my work when looking for a photographer!"

christy m.

"Not only did our mentor session include a 'how to' with camera functions and settings, how to place subjects in light, and how to use different locations' colors to get the right "tones" in your photos, but we also got to sit down, edit the photos together, make them come to life, and then got an amazing inside look on how to manage your own business. I acquired so much knowledge from our mentor session that I felt comfortable enough to turn my hobby into my first business. I am so thankful for Hailey!"

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