Somewhere around the age of 10, I picked up my parents' digital point-and-shoot camera and convinced my 6-year-old sister to be my subject. We spent countless afternoons dressing her in my mom's clothes, hanging sheets as a backdrop in the hallway, and playing "model & photographer". We would even use our cheap desktop fan to blow her hair back for effect:

I subjected her to many, many years of this until I started high school, signed up for my first photography class, and fell in love with the art. The technical process was satisfying and the subjectivity was empowering. For the next four years I created stacks of portfolios - mostly film images, all predictably composed with themes I felt were incredibly deep at the time (but looking back were more cliche-teenage-quotes-esque). The images in those portfolios are now ridiculously outdated and hard not to laugh at, but they mark the start of a passion that has turned into my career. And I'm ending 2016 with the most sincere gratitude for that statement.

After a year of many firsts - my first year as a licensed business owner, first time traveling out of state for work, the first year getting to claim an income from my very own business - I am so anxious to see what new experiences and improvement 2017 will bring (such as maybe switching it up from the center-weighted composition every once in a while, as I noticed when I put these highlights together... insert eye-roll emoji).

Anyway, here are some of my favorite professional & personal images from the year:

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