Hailey Ayson Photography

I’m Hailey —

a wife to one, mom to three, and photographer of all who will have me. I’m based out of Folsom, California, a suburb in between the Tahoe mountains and the Pacific coast.

I’ve had a camera in hand since I was about 10 years old, photographing my sister, pets, inanimate objects around the house. I took 4 years of photography courses and then booked my first wedding when I was 19. I knew nothing about posing, shot in JPEG, delivered the images on a CD, and felt pretty damn good about it. Rest assured, I’ve come a long way since then. 8 years of experience and hundreds of galleries later, I now shoot with the goal of emotive, consistent, and timeless images (which are shot in RAW and no longer delivered via CD).

The boundary between my professional work and personal values is blurred at best. I believe that love is love; that black lives matter; that no one person is better than another regardless of religion, gender, socioeconomic status. I intentionally choose not to separate my professional self from these values because I see my work — photography in general — as an opportunity to make the world a more accepting and progressive place.

If that paragraph has you exiting my website as quickly as possible, that’s okay. If you’re still reading and you like your photography services with a side of unconditional inclusion, you’re in the right place.

In other words,

whoever you are, whomever you love: I’d be honored to photograph you.