jill + george / mt. tamalpais engagement

Jill and George are getting married in Chicago this year - he lives there now and she'll be joining him soon where they'll both continue their careers as doctors (okaaaay #powercouple). Jill reached out to me for a California engagement session about five months ago, and for all those months we'd been set on an almond orchard backdrop. I'd scouted the location, George scheduled his flight, and we were set to meet in a week.

But after photographing an engagement off of Highway One the previous weekend - and after Jill saw that gallery - we both agreed that the almond blossoms wouldn't do our California session nearly as much justice as the Pacific Ocean. So, we relocated to Mt. Tamalpais in Mill Valley and - holy crap - I am so glad we did.

The drive up the mountain is a little sketchy if you're not one for heights (like me) but once you get to the top, it's more than worth it. The peak overlooks the entire mountain range, the ocean, and the San Francisco skyline. At sunset, everything glowed. It was jaw-dropping and breathtaking and all the possible synonyms. See for yourself!


Hailey AysonComment