chalayne + nate / highway one engagement

I could write a novel of a love letter to California. The people, the arts, the values, and of course, the landscape. I'm grateful every day to be a photographer in this state - Northern California, especially - because I'm never more than a couple hours away from an edge-of-the-world backdrop, like the one in this session. 

I met up with Chalayne and Nate at Farmshop in Larkspur Landing; we ate and drank and spent some time easing their nerves before shooting. We snapped a few shots here, and then drove up Highway 1 to a pull-off area that led to an incredible cliffside overlooking the Pacific. The three of us - Chalayne and I in heels - hiked over rocks and through bushes to get to the edge. We were numb from the wind chill and their skin was glowing from the sunset; this made for the most dramatic, adrenaline-fueled images that I am pretty freakin' happy to add to my portfolio.

I'm photographing them again on a cliffside of the American River for their May wedding, and this session has me counting down the days!