happily Everly after / a floral first birthday

Our first girl and last baby turned one over the weekend, so of course we had to celebrate! We kept it simple with a hint of fancy - a mimosa bar, a giant charcuterie board, florals everywhere, and most importantly, a crowded house of people who love her.

A couple disclaimers:

I tried to make the very simple white-frosted smash cake myself and failed miserably late the night before. The sweetest lady at the Safeway bakery saved the day at the last minute and stopped what she was doing to bake Everly's cake in time for her party. I threw a couple roses on top and called it a day.

I forgot to order two dozen donuts from our local shop the day before, so instead I bought a few bags of Hostess donuts and, again, called it a day.

All the florals were from Trader Joe's for three bucks a pop, and all the photos that I used as decor came from Parabo Press fo' free (they offer sets of 25 square prints at no charge, always).

I say all this just in case you thought you needed to break your budget to host a photo-worthy first birthday. All you really need is good food, good people, and a sweet little one-year-old as the perfect centerpiece.

photos: www.parabo.press
"happily everly after" sign: www.shimmerandstain.com
macrame hanging: www.etsy.com/shop/tiedandtruegoods
florals: Trader Joe's
literally everything else: Target, duh.

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