garrett + kristen / folsom lake

Okay, a couple things: 

1) I live pretty close to Folsom Lake (which will only mean something to you if you're local to Northern California but, whatever, stick with me). There's a handful of entrances to the lake and I've been to nearly all of them... except this one. This beautiful spot. It's a solid 3 minute drive from my front door and I SOMEHOW NEVER KNEW ABOUT IT. Doesn't it look sorta like the edge of the world? Just, ugh.

2) Kristen and Garrett KILLED IT with these outfits. I meannnnn, his velvet suit jacket and her knee high black boots. Just, again, ugh. This session has me counting down the days until I get to photograph them again at their wedding next September. 10 more months! 

In the meantime...