new year, new collection

For those of you, like me, who prefer tangible to digital, printed albums to Facebook albums, holding your gallery in your hands rather than viewing it on a computer screen… Introducing the Art Collection.

This collection includes a documentary-style session more extensive and intimate than the classic collection. Art sessions will ideally be set in-home or centered around a day trip or event - i.e. an afternoon in San Francisco with your fiancé or a Sunday morning baking pancakes with your little ones. With this collection, you'll receive digital images and a $300 credit to put towards prints, gallery wraps, and/or an album.

There’s no denying the convenience of an online gallery, but there’s nothing quite like a collection of printed images to display and preserve for generations. Photography is art, and the best kind of art is felt, tangibly and emotionally.

Contact me for more details on this collection, or to book your Art session.

Hailey AysonComment