a roll of film, a decade later

Last week, I picked up my old Pentax K1000 for the first time in almost ten years and shot a roll of film. I kept my hopes low because I wasn't even confident that the camera was in working condition, much less whether I could remember how to properly load the film or set the correct ISO/aperture/shutter combination without the confidence of a digital preview screen. 

But I received the scans back today and OH MY GOODNESS, the camera does work, and those four years of film lessons in high school stuck with me all this time. It feels so good to go through these shots and see the passions of my present self documented by the passion of my old self. (Did that make sense to you the way it does in my head?) I LOVE SEEING MY KIDS ON FILM, there.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I ever put down that Pentax in the first place but it's safe to say I won't be putting it down again anytime soon. This will be a personal endeavor for now, but the thought of eventually incorporating it into my professional portfolio is equally exciting and nerve-wracking.

For now, I'm off to stare at these again and then go place a bulk order of film.


Hailey AysonComment