year in review: 2017

Things I learned this year:

The quality of my work is not dependent on the fancy-ness of my equipment. I shot with two Canon 6Ds this year - one step down from the good ol' 5D that, for too long, I felt was necessary to be considered a real photographer. Nope. My 6Ds put in WORK this year and I'm so grateful for those babies. Not to mention, a few of my all-time favorite shots came from my decades-old 35mm Pentax.

Small business taxes are not to be underestimated. Expense everything. Count every mile and every client coffee. Budget for that April date like your life depends on it. 

Community over competition. Celebrate rather than compare. There are A LOT of us in this industry, but there are also A LOT of people in the market. Mind your bizz and let others mind theirs. This is a work in progress for me always, but an important one. 

Film is good for my soul. I was in a rut; I started shooting film again; I came out of my rut. Shooting creatively for myself is necessary to shooting quality for my clients.

Weddings are where it's at for me. The positive vibes, the details, the in-between moments, the behind the scenes chaos that presents as calm. The emotion and connection beg to be documented and it feels incredible (and nerve-wracking) to be responsible for that.

And finally, don't set your camera bag down in a parking lot, even for a second, even just two feet away from you. And if you do, make sure you have business insurance first.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who let me into their moments this year. It was a good one.

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