landon's baptism

As 2015 came to a close, I wrote a list of photography goals for the new year. At the top of the list was to dive fully into a documentary style of shooting. This style has always come the most natural to me, and my work is at its best when I embrace it. In 2015 I began most sessions with every intention of solely documenting the next couple of hours, avoiding poses, and giving minimal direction. But unless I was photographing little ones, who prefer to avoid direction as much as I do, most sessions ended up more composed than I preferred.

So, fast forward to little Landon's baptism - my first booking of the year and the perfect setting to focus on documenting rather than composing. Landon and his family sat in the row in front of me and I spent the hour photographing him simply interacting with his loved ones. No one was looking into my camera or waiting for the photo to be taken; instead, I got to capture Landon peeking over his mom's shoulder, reaching his tiny hand over to touch his grandfather, staring up at the priest as he received his blessings.

This baptism was such a refreshing and inspiring way to kick off 2016. These genuine moments are exactly the kind of moments I want to document, and these images are the reason I love documentary photography.

Hailey AysonComment